Ready to plan
the future of logistics

Clear pricing, no hidden costs and partnership in the choice of suppliers to maximise your output.
Ironlog was founded with the aim of developing a 360-degree approach to logistics systems.

Drawing on know-how gained from over 30 years of experience, we devise logistics services designed to optimise our customers’ activities, whether they are large or small.

Through “agile scrum” methodologies, we build lean and efficient processes, working alongside our partners. For us, the team is the key to success: with a bottom-up approach, our experts implement customised proposals for each partner.

We believe that no one-size-fits-all solution to all challenges exists; on the other hand, we are committed to a single modus operandi that involves being punctual, responsive, and flexible to the market’s needs.

A 360-degree approach to logistics systems

Our warehouses are located in logistically strategic areas with a forward-looking setting.

80,000 sqm
warehouse to be used for goods storage and logistics management activities.
  • A1: 3 Km
  • E35: 4 Km
  • MILAN: 65 Km
  • PARMA: 35 Km
  • BOLOGNA: 130 Km
Floor capacity 7 tons/sqm
Overall size 80,000 sqm
B2B E-Commerce Oriented
Loading Bays 72
Working Height 13,7 m
Pallet Places 80,000
Solar Panel System
Location: Piacenza
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